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Bring the Winery Experience Home

Posted by Baylies Delights on 29 May 2023
Bring the Winery Experience Home

Bring the Winery Experience Home this winter! 

There's nothing better than a night or weekend in with your favourite people, favourite vino & all your favourite winery foods. 

Baylies Epicurean Delights has been an Australian Gourmet Food Manufacturer for nearly 30 years. Proudly South Australian, Baylies is a family owned and operated business who produces gourmet foods locally in the Adelaide Hills, including lavash (lavosh), premium crackers, grissini, sweet biscuits, preserved fruits, gourmet cakes, jams, seasonal Christmas items and more. 

A boutique Australian manufacturing business, we pride ourselves on sourcing locally and ensure ingredients are made in Australia made where possible. Only natural ingredients are sourced with no artificial colours or flavours, using fresh butter, free range eggs, extra virgin olive oil and unbleached flour. 

Baylies offers a diverse range of products that can complement your wine-tasting experience or add a touch of luxury to your wine-downs & grazing sessions. 

  1. Crackers: Baylies produces a variety of crackers that are perfect for pairing with cheese, dips, and wine. These crackers are made with quality ingredients and come in different flavors to suit various tastes.

  2. Lavash (Lavosh): Lavash is a type of thin, crisp bread that is a popular accompaniment to wine and cheese. Baylies offers lavash in Pepper, Rosemary & Sea Salt, providing a delicious and versatile option for your wine and food pairings.

  3. Grissini: These long, thin breadsticks are great for snacking or dipping. Baylies grissini is made with care, providing a crunchy and flavourful addition to your gourmet spread.

  4. Sweet Biscuits: Baylies sweet biscuits are a treat for your taste buds. Made with premium ingredients, these biscuits are perfect for enjoying on their own or pairing with coffee or tea.

  5. Preserved Fruits: Baylies offers a range of preserved fruits that can elevate your cheese platter or add a touch of sweetness to desserts. These fruits are made using traditional methods, preserving their natural flavors.

  6. Gourmet Cakes: If you're looking for a decadent dessert, Baylies gourmet cakes are worth trying. These cakes are made with premium ingredients and come in various flavors, such as chocolate, fruit, and nut combinations.

By choosing Baylies products, you can enjoy gourmet foods that are preservative-free and made with the finest ingredients. Additionally, by supporting a small Australian business, you contribute to the growth of local enterprises and promote sustainability within your community.



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